WaterRower rowing machine Ashwood Natural

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The WaterRower rowing machine has a stylish design

The WaterRower rowing machine has a stylish design

Quiet and extremely effective - like real rowing!
  • Water resistance system Pleasant, smooth rowing feeling
  • Elegant appearance Looks great in any apartment
WaterRower rowing machine Ashwood Natural Space-saving, stylish design

Space-saving, stylish design

Thanks to its stylish design in popular ash wood, the WaterRower Ash blends harmoniously into any living environment like an exclusive piece of furniture. It can be easily moved to your desired location by means of castors and, thanks to its compact dimensions, requires no more space than a chair when in the upright position.
WaterRower rowing machine Ashwood Natural Comfortable and ergonomic seat

Comfortable and ergonomic seat

The seat of the WaterRower Ash has an ergonomically-shaped cushion for extra comfort. The ergonomic sliding seat can be loaded with a body weight of up to 150 kg. The 8 ball-bearing rollers do not wear out, and run noiselessly and evenly over the rails. For even more comfort, you can also choose to have a WaterRower Ergo seat cushion fitted.
WaterRower rowing machine Ashwood Natural Realistic water resistance

Realistic water resistance

Thanks to the water resistance system, WaterRower offers you a particularly realistic rowing experience. The water tank is the heart of the training equipment; it offers you a rowing feeling that can literally hold its own against the real deal. Experience that uniquely soft and quiet rowing feeling and control the intensity with which you train by simply changing how hard you pull.
WaterRower rowing machine Ashwood Natural Ergonomic footrest

Ergonomic footrest

The ergonomic footrests can be adjusted in height. Adjustable foot straps ensure optimum hold and ensure maximum safety for your rowing workout. The feet of the WaterRower Ash are made of high-quality rubber that is extremely hardwearing, stops the machine from slipping and protects the floor against scratches.
WaterRower rowing machine Ashwood Natural S4 performance monitor

S4 performance monitor

The S4 performance monitor was specially developed for training with rowing machines. Here you have an overview of the most important performance parameters. Among other things, the display shows the speed in metres per second or miles per hour, the number of strokes per minute, watts and calorie consumption as well as distance covered. In addition, the S4 performance monitor is compatible with the chest strap that measures your heart rate.
WaterRower rowing machine Ashwood Natural Solid rails

Solid rails

Even taller people can do their training in comfort, thanks to the long running rails on the WaterRower Ash rowing machine. For those who are over 2 metres tall, we recommend the stable wooden rails in XL length to ensure optimal comfort while training. Feel free to contact us.

  • Rower ergometer for upscale private use and commercial use!
  • The WaterRower in Ashwood nature
  • Resistance is produced via water wheel: the harder you pull, the higher the resistance. The actual dynamics of rowing is ideally imitated. The intensity increases depending upon speed and thus you determine naturally the pace. The basic resistance is infinitely variable via the amount of water filled in the tank!
  • LCD display: training track, Watt, stroke rate, total distance, heart rate (in combination with a Polar receiver)
  • Pulse is measured via chest strap (optional):
    You need a Polar receiver and a Polar compatible chest strap (available as an accessory).
  • Quick fold up mechanism - on just 57x50cm area
  • Results of a 6 week (training) study on a Waterrower rowing machine:
    - Significant improvement of cardio fitness
    - Reduction of percental body fat percentage
    - Improvement of subjective feeling regarding current state of health and training level
  • Max. user-weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - WaterRower rowing machine Ashwood Natural: (L) 210 cm x (W) 56 cm x (H) 53 cm
    Folded - WaterRower rowing machine Ashwood Natural: (L) 56 cm x (W) 53 cm x (H) 210 cm

WaterRower Rowing Machine Ash

The WaterRower Ash rowing machine offers you the perfect synthesis of excellent quality and timeless design. WaterRower rowing machines are produced by hand in the USA in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Thanks to the fact we use natural raw wood material and have a love for detail, every WaterRower Ash is unique. The shapely and elegant design is groundbreaking and aims to integrate sports equipment into our everyday lives. Once you have finished your workout, the rowing machine can simply be folded up to save space. The elegant wooden design also makes a great impression in any living room. Rowing on the WaterRower offers you an optimal full body workout, improves your posture and promotes your general health. The training resistance is generated by the natural element of water. This means that you set the intensity yourself with each pull, making the WaterRower Ash accessible for all ages and training levels. Last but not least, the particularly stable workmanship ensures that WaterRower rowing machines are approved for professional use in gyms and fitness studios.

Almost like the original – thanks to water resistance

Anyone who has ever rowed knows that the pleasant silence as well as the characteristic splashing of the water produces an extraordinarily relaxing effect. With a WaterRower rowing machine, you can have this effect in your own home. Because nothing comes as close to real rowing as a rowing machine with a water resistance system. Besides the relaxing atmosphere of the WaterRower Ash, the realistic rowing feeling is also convincing. You feel the water with each pull, and your pull strength determines the intensity with which you want to train. The rowing movement is very easy on the joints and is especially gentle on your spine. In addition, a full rowing movement demands that you use around 80% of your muscles, which makes rowing training a real fitness all-rounder.

We-Row – Enhance your rowing training

With the free training software We-Row, WaterRower offers you a wide range of options to take your training to the next level. The app allows you to start your own race and compete online against up to 7 other rowers worldwide. Do you prefer to train alone? Here, too, We-Row offers a multitude of options. Enhance your rowing training with accurate records and graphs of completed rowing sessions. Improve your performance or share the data with other We-Row users. The app has a clear and simple navigation menu and only requires an internet connection, the integrated S4 monitor and the free We-Row app – now you can start!


For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 2 years
Semiprofessional use 2 years
Professional use 2 years

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top consultation
0 persons found this review helpful
very capable advice and professional proceeding!
0 persons found this review helpful
I did a lot of research for indoor rowers between Water, Fan and Magnetic. Water seemed the best option for me, it's less noisier, beautiful equipment and the water noise can be also relaxing. My wife and I choose water rower because the maintenance can be done by us, instead of paying extra fees for someone to come and replace wear and tear parts. Also in our research, seemed smoother than First Degree Fitness (our second option).
0 persons found this review helpful
Very happy with my rower. It’s simple to assemble and very sturdy. Using it is very quiet and smooth, which is good news when you live in an apartment. It’s also very well designed, and being made of wood makes it possible to have it in your living room without making it look like a giant gym equipment. I totally recommend it.
0 persons found this review helpful
This is a great piece of design. It's a quiet and powerful machine. Unlike with air-resistance rowers, noise levels are much lower and all you hear is a pleasant woosh from the water being turned inside. It's very well built, with attention to detail and, as it's made of wood, it can be placed in any room, including in your living room and won't feel as intrusive as a typical fitness machine. Maintenance is quite easy and I believe it gives you a great workout, with minimum impact to your joints. Also added a phone/tablet holder, with the same wood finish and it looks and works great. Totally recommended!... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
Einfach Klasse! Habe Heute, trotz der Corona-Krise, pünktlich den Waterrower erhalten (hatte erst viel später damit gerechnet). Der Aufbau des Gerätes gelang mir in etwa 30 Minuten ohne Probleme. Auch das erste Training hat die Qualität des Rudergerätes bestätigt. Die Sitzbank gleitet sehr leise auf der Laufschiene und das plätschern des Wassers im Tank gibt einen das Gefühl wirklich auf dem Wasser zu trainieren.
0 persons found this review helpful
Excellent! Nice, smooth motion - sturdy construction - and elegant compared with alternatives.
Waterrower Esche
0 persons found this review helpful
Ich bin mit dem Waterrower Esche voll zufrieden. Der Aufbau war einfach und beim Gebrauch ist alles Bestens. Das S4 Display/Computer ist natürlich nicht mehr ganz auf der Höhe der Zeit, aber für Hobbysportler ausreichend. Ich bin mit dem Gerät voll auf zufrieden
0 persons found this review helpful
1. Sport-Tiedje-Team: von Anfang bis zum Ende super Kontakt zu Sport Tiedje Dresden. Beratung im Laden super. Dann per Email bestellt. Immer sehr schnell geantwortet und alle Wünsche erfüllt. ???????? 2. Waterrower: Ich rudere erst seit 2 Wochen. Bin sehr begeistert. Macht Spaß und alle Erwartungen was Optik, Wassergeräusche und Natürlichkeit der Ruderbewegung betrifft haben sich erfüllt. Vollste Empfehlung!
Anschaffung hat sich gelohnt
1 person found this review helpful
Ich war anfangs etwas skeptisch ob das Rudern etwas für mich ist. Zu Beginn waren es auch ungewohnte Bewegungsabläufe. Aber schon nach dem dritten Mal lief es sehr flüssig und fing an mehr und mehr Spaß zu machen. Meine Frau und ich nutzen das Gerät jeden zweiten Tag, was auch trotz großem Kraft und Größenunterschied zwischen uns beiden ohne Probleme möglich ist. Das Gerät wirkt sehr hochwertig und alles in allem wirklich gut durchdacht. Das überzeugte mich auch gegen Produkte anderer Hersteller. Der Tank ist verschweißt und zusätzlich nochmal abgeklebt. Da wird nichts undicht, im Gegensatz zu geschraubten Tanks mit Dichtungen. Der Gurt wird vernünftig geführt und viele weitere Details. Der Aufbau war in 40min erledigt und ist auch für handwerklich unbegabte machbar. Es wird eine deutsche Bedienungs- und Aufbauanleitung mitgeliefert. Es sind auch Trainingstipps und Erklärungen dabei, was den Einstieg erleichtert. Ich habe das Gerät vo mehreren Arbeitskollegen empfohlen bekommen, die auch nach Jahren noch zufrieden sind und keine Probleme damit hatten. Auch das überzeugte mich und ich kann es bislang uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen. ... [Read more]
Ist seinen Preis wert
4 persons found this review helpful
Sicherlich gibt es zahlreiche Rudergeräte, die günstiger sind, aber bei denen muss man dann auch sehr oft Kompromisse eingehen. Ich war auch erst skeptisch, ob es seinen Preis wert ist, aber im Nachhinein ist es meiner Meinung seinen Preis wert. Eigentlich kann ich nur Positives berichten: + Super schnelle Lieferung + Einfacher Aufbau (geht sogar alleine) und gute/verständliche Bedienungsanleitung + Sehr stabile Konstruktion, man merkt, dass alles durchdacht ist, da wackelt oder knarzt nichts + Einfache Bedienung inkl. Trainingshinweise + Lässt sich platzsparend an die Wand stellen und sieht auch noch gut aus und kann auch von kleineren und schwächeren Personen auf- bzw. abgestellt werden + Entspanntes Training durch die Wassergeräusche + Auch für Frauen im höheren Alter prima zu benutzen, meine Mutter trainiert auch damit Insgesamt trainiere ich sehr gerne mit dem Waterrower und es bringt schnell Erfolge, um die Oberkörpermuskulatur zu trainieren, insbesondere den Rücken. Meine Haltung hat sich dadurch merklich verbessert. Trainiert zudem noch schön andere Muskelgruppen. Kann das Gerät daher nur empfehlen, wie auch den super Service von Sport-Tiedje.... [Read more]

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